Just for Women

Be Creative - supporting the women's centre

Just for Women Centre, self management

The just For Women centre offer self management and training to women who are experiencing mental health problems, long term sick and also first time offenders. Some of these women have multiple needs and are lost in a system of the most vulnerable and we address their needs in a more holistic person centered approach as well as an educational way of support to these women.

One of our project aims

  • to reduce social exclusion

Outcomes we have achieved

  • Improved motivation and aspirations.
  • Improved confidence and self esteem.
  • Improved communication skills.
  • Improved skills to go into further training, employment or setting up a small business.
  • Improved chances for better qualifications, for example we have 2 students gone into university.

Long term outcomes

We are a small niche organization that is run by women for women, and this is where we are different. We specialize in more in depth work with women in areas such as one to one support and counselling. We have the experience, the understanding and the ability to transform women’s lives.

By investing in spaces for creative people to connect, and projects and organisations that help people follow their passion, we aim to make Be-Creative Women Centre a core part of our community.

Our primary goal is to help create an environment that encourages women the opportunity to socialise with women of all ages and backgrounds to connect with each other, exchange ideas, support each other and accelerate learning.



Input Output Outcomes Long term change
Staff One to one support Increases confidence Increase social inclusion
Budget Group work Positive/ motivating lifts morale Positive team working/ communication skills